The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

That's Amarro

I encourage you to blame substitute for giving me this idea. You can blame me for executing it, but I at least want credit for my depiction of poor gouty Egas Moniz, whose terrible hair really lends itself to being rendered in #2 pencil.

Like everyone else in the history of the lobotomy, Egas gets overshadowed by Walter, even though it's Egas who got the Nobel Prize. This seems a shame because I like what little I know of him. In 1939 he was shot several times by a disgruntled patient -- not one he had leucotomized -- and when he was found bleeding on his office floor he said, "It was a poor lunatic. Call my wife. I want to see her before I die." I'm impressed by his equanimity in this situation. I think that if someone shot me I wouldn't be able to say anything but OW OW OW SON OF A GODDAMN BITCH OW!

Egas didn't die as a result of this attack, but he was partially paralyzed in one hand for the rest of his life. Walter started carrying a gun around, though I wonder how fast he would have been able to get to it if some pissed-off lobotomy patient had gotten the drop on him.

As for Amarro Fiamberti himself, no pictures of him seem to be available on the Internet, because the only thing of note he ever did was come up with an idea that Walter appropriated. So I just made something up. You can tell he's a doctor because of the stethoscope.
Tags: amarro fiamberti, antónio egas moniz, blame substitute, go in through the eyes, stix, walter freeman
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