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im a riter lol

Folks I am going to apply to get into the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, a fancy-pants writery gathering that I've been hearing about for years and that is exactly the kind of thing to get my therapist off my damn case already about MEETING OTHER WRITERS and TAKING MY CRAFT SERIOUSLY. Like other activities that involve putting my writing in an envelope, this scares the bejeezus out of me. Last year, according to their website, Bread Loaf accepted 21% of applicants; but surely I can out-write four out of five jackasses with ambitions similar to my own? Of course I can! OF COURSE I CAN.

The Bread Loaf guys want to see a sample of an "unpublished work in progress." My first thought naturally was to send them Chapter One of my novel (which has gotten better since then), but then I thought that while that chapter is pretty good it is also about vampires and maybe that's the last thing people at a fancy-pants writery gathering (or anywhere) wish to see. Another good thing I wrote recently is "Poor Thing," though if I want to avoid clichés it might not be helping my cause to eschew vampires in favor of serial killers. (As ever, just ask if you can't see that story and would like to.)

In short, both these samples are good and would serve the turn. Which should I send to the Bread Loaf guys and why?
Tags: desperateattemptstojustifymyexistence, putting words in an envelope, writing
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