The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf


Folks, Walter Freeman used to set up fancy exhibits about lobotomy at medical trade shows and he had noisemakers and stuff to get people's attention. Maybe he even stood on a box like his grandfather did to perform surgery, I would not put it past him. I am not quite as shameless a huckster as he was but I still want you to give me money for being so goddamn clever and so I ask:

Might you, if it were possible, pay ten or perhaps fifteen dollars for a handsome minicomic chockablock with stix, many of the ones that have appeared here plus some never before seen? Because if you would, then some other people might, and I could make some money, which would come in handy, because drawing stick figures does not pay nearly as well as lobotomizing people. Even when the stick figures are about lobotomizing people, which seems unfair.

ETA: Real-life professional cartoonist ndrtoon informs me that what I'm thinking of is not a minicomic but an actual self-published book from a service such as Lulu. It would have, like, covers and stuff. So how many of you would pay ten bucks for something like that?
Tags: give me your money, polls, stix, walter freeman
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