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Star of Bedlam

Around this time of year I usually say something, or a lot of things, about how much I hate the Christmas season. But I figure it would be easier to list the things I don't hate about it, such as the smell of pine, the fact that "O Holy Night" was written by a Jew, the Christmas borscht with dumplings at the twenty-four-hour Ukrainian diner, that story about baby Jesus and the tabby cat, and the unlimited comic potential of the phrase "We three kings of Orient are." I don't know why, and maybe no one thinks this but me, but I have found that replacing "kings" with any plural noun is always funny. Here is my contribution; see if you agree:

Despite its fancy name a periosteal elevator appears to be more or less a little spatula or butter-knife-looking thing usually used to move brain tissue around. James Watts, Walter's partner in prefrontal lobotomy, used it to cut nerve fibers, finding it more precise than a leucotome. I wouldn't know about that.

You don't hear a lot about James Watts, possibly because he broke up with Walter after Walter started going in through the eyes. James didn't approve of that and he especially didn't approve of it when the guy doing it wasn't even a neurosurgeon, just a very enthusiastic psychiatrist with an ice pick. James himself was a real hotshot. One of his psychosurgical party tricks was measuring a patient's brain by threading a wire through it. But when you're Walter Freeman's partner it doesn't matter what you can do, he's always going to hog the limelight. He even gets credit for lobotomizing Rosemary Kennedy, when it was James who was swinging the periosteal elevator. Walter was just peering into her skull telling him where to aim the thing.

Incidentally, did you know that myrrh is an embalming spice? That was the significance of the third wise man's gift. I think that puts the Killian periosteal elevator into perspective.
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