The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

As always, only substitute understands me

eyeteeth: I keep thinking of those horny lobotomy patients chasing the nurses around the hospital like some kind of Benny Hill sketch in hell.
substitute: Hornylo Bottomy
eyeteeth: You've got to figure that banging a horny dude with the mind of a child was /some/ nurse's idea of a good time.
substitute: Her name was Betty-Ann Skrobornik.
eyeteeth: Some of them must have gone for it!
eyeteeth: Maybe there are old women alive today who were manchild-humping lobotomy nurses in the forties!
eyeteeth: We don't know! Who would cop to that?
substitute: manchild-humping lobotomy nurses! manchild-humping lobotomy nurses! manchild-humping lobotomy nurses!
eyeteeth: That was just for you.
substitute: thx
eyeteeth: I mean, I like the manflesh, but I like to think I'd steer clear of the guy who was all "hurr durr" and had a bandage around his head.
substitute: semi-rhythmic screaming, tacky pants
eyeteeth: But maybe it's like the Milgram study and everyone thinks they'd do the right thing but when it comes down to it you electrocute the guy in the other room and hump the lobotomy patient.
substitute: also you take 3 and not 1 of the mini-muffins in the reception area
Tags: blame substitute
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