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I haven't posted any stix recently, because I've been saving them for this theoretical book I'm going to make and sell for money. I'm finishing up a comic in which Walter Freeman uses me to demonstrate other psychiatric therapies that were popular at around the time that he started lobotomizing. One of these was Metrazol therapy, which was both a psychiatric treatment and (to judge from contemporary descriptions) a human rights violation. It worked like electroconvulsive therapy only with a drug instead of electricity, and with the added unfortunate side effect of paralyzing animal terror. Specifically, Metrazol was known to induce the fear not merely of death but of utter physical and psychic annihilation. I don't know about you, but after a few rounds of that I sure would have become more tractable.

It's funny how ECT, which really does help some people, is often demonized, while no one remembers Metrazol therapy, which was far more horrific and in retrospect doesn't appear to have helped anyone. It might have shut some people up and made handling them easier, though.

I like the way this panel came out:

He also puts me in an insulin coma and gives me electroshock. This book is going to sell like hotcakes!
Tags: gruesome historical information, operation cease and desist letter, stix, walter freeman
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