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This musical animation will make your day at least a little bit nicer.

Though awesome, this video seems naked all by itself, so I'm going to add something Walter wrote when he was in college. Walter and his son (also Walter) and his grandfather were all famous neuroscientists, but his father (also also Walter) was a common-or-garden otolaryngologist. This seems to have made a big impression on our Walter, who described his father's office like this:
The chair was in a far corner partitioned off from the rest of the room by a glass-topped instrument table with a row of glass-stoppered bottles about the periphery, a high screen at the chair’s back hiding unknown terrors behind its imitation-leather exterior, and two walls.... A cylindrical boiler beneath which a ring of gas jets was burning suggested untold horrors that were ably supplemented by the bleary eye of the working light, all ready from behind the patient’s ear to throw a glare down his own throat when the doctor should choose by his mirror to throw the beam in that direction. A hydraulic fan made gurgling noises not unlike strangulation and half a dozen sprays pointed their nozzles at him like a firing squad. Nearby was an oven just large enough to bake a baby. But the instrument table -- horrors. There were the uniform medicine bottles sitting like a jury along the back and sides; the likeness the more striking because each had its own little stall. There they sat overlooking the evidence -- nickel-plated forceps, probes and all the scientific paraphernalia of laryngology.

Of course this would have been in around 1915, when medicine in general was a lot more horrific than it is now. Maybe lots of people who went to the eye-ear-nose-and-throat doctor back then thought of baking babies, I don't know. But most of them probably didn't then choose a career in medicine, particularly not the "shock people into a temporary coma and then hammer an ice pick into their eyes" variety of medicine.
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