The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

The secret to drawing a unicycle is tracing a nickel

Yesterday I had the idea to draw a stix tarot. That sounds fun but this lobotomy thing is like a hydra, every time I draw a comic I get an idea for two more. The lovey-dovey letters Walter and António Egas Moniz wrote each other, for example, make me want to create a gushing Teen Beat–style spread on their bromance. Walter, who said he never loved his own mother, began letters to António with the salutation "Cher Maître." And when António asked Walter if Walter would be willing to nominate him for the highest honor in medicine, he was so shy about it that it reads like "Dear Walter do you like me enough to nominate me for the Nobel Prize yes/no." (Walter did, and António got it in 1949.) One expects them to burst into a song entitled "You're the Only One Who Understands My Devotion to the Lobotomy."

Today's comic features the first appearance of Annabel, my therapist. She's quite blond.

If I do draw a stix tarot, I'll put myself in as the Fool.
Tags: antónio egas moniz, stix, therapy, walter freeman
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