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Group mind lobotomy comics question

So Howard Dully has a LiveJournal. You may have heard of his memoir My Lobotomy, the title of which is actually somewhat misleading -- being lobotomized was only one in a series of awful things that happened to this poor guy when he was a kid. Anyway, he's howarddully, though there isn't much there and he hasn't updated in months. He lists "lobotomy" among his interests, as you might imagine. Hey, what do you know -- I'm interested in lobotomy too! That's where the group mind question comes in.

Do I dare ask him to look at the hilarious comics I drew about the guy who stuck knitting needles into his brain?

I mean, he did write a whole book about the experience. And that book got made into a PBS special. And in that book he makes a truly heroic effort to be fair to Freeman, portraying him as a damaged person who damaged others rather than as a straight-up villain. But being funny about him is different. I mean Walter Freeman is funny, lobotomy is funny, but maybe not so much if they actually happened to you when you were twelve.

But I don't know, he might like it. Joking about horrible things can be a tremendous relief.

What I stand to get out of the deal is more than the gratification to my vast Satanic ego. Howard Dully was lobotomized in the sixties, when the star of Freeman's medical fame had set and he had plenty of time on his hands, so the two of them actually talked a lot both before and after the operation. Dully might be able to tell me if my characterization of Walter (as a beaming narcissist, basically) is any good. And if he likes my comics maybe I can get him to write some copy for the book. And then we can both get a cease and desist letter from Walter J. Freeman III. (Unless Walter J. Freeman III sees the comics somehow and likes them, which is a fantasy of mine.)
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