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I feel like St. Roch

Remember Bread Loaf? Of course you do, because my creative ego is the linchpin of your existence. After a few days of "consulting with" (obsessing at) you guys back in December, I sent the conference people "Poor Thing." On Sunday I got an e-mail from them:
Dear Eyeteeth:

Though we are not able to offer you a financial aid award for the 2009 Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, I am pleased to notify you that you have been awarded a space as a general applicant in fiction. This year, we were able to offer awards to 6 percent of those who applied for financial aid; 18 percent of those who applied as general applicants were accepted. (Please note that your application made it to the final round of discussions for financial aid -- the admissions board gave your work a high ranking.)

So I got accepted, but I still can't go because I don't have $2,469 sitting around. This results in an odd combination of emotions in which, ultimately, pleasure outweighs disappointment. I already have a lot of stuff to do this summer. Mostly I'm pleased to have been accepted -- and particularly pleased at that parenthetical sentence. I like to think that it came down to a bare-knuckled fistfight between the people who wanted to award financial aid to me and the people who wanted to award financial aid to some other writer. Considering that they give aid to only six percent of applicants, that's high praise for Zeppo and friends. And I love it when Zeppo and friends get high praise.

Tonight I'll write them a nice e-mail saying thanks for the opportunity and maybe next year.
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