The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Bread Loaf update!

You guys, I am awed, humbled, and grateful for all your support. I am trying to raise about $1,250, or half the cost of Bread Loaf tuition, and thanks to you and others like you I already have $700. But why should people just give money and get nothing in return? If I'm going to raise money I should do it right, and offer incentives. Therefore, if you haven't given already, consider this (and then PayPal your donation to redguy@mindspring com):

GIVE ANY AMOUNT and the ticker has to change, of course. Mildly amusing! Throw money at me in dollar increments to make me dance like a monkey! I am not proud, but I bet you'd already guessed that. (Note: the ticker doesn't change in real time, so donations may get lumped in together.)

GIVE TEN DOLLARS and I will draw you or anyone you like as a stix! Also mildly amusing! They make great icons for your blog.

GIVE TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS and I will write a limerick about you. (Walter Freeman wrote limericks, I'll tell you about that sometime.)

GIVE FIFTY DOLLARS and it's your choice: I'll draw a whole stix comic on the topic of your choice, OR write an obsessive LJ post about the strange animal of your choice, OR send you a box of cookies with a personalized idiotic note from me! If you live in the five boroughs I'll hand-deliver the cookies, wearing some kind of funny hat!

GIVE A HUNDRED DOLLARS OR MORE and get any two of the above, plus if you live in the five boroughs not only will I hand-deliver the cookies, but I'll do a spastic little dance for a full minute! Time me!

Finally! If we hit the limit or go over it, I'll tell you the story of Walter Freeman and the cock ring. That's one's a crowd-pleaser.

Here's ticker number one:

WE CAN DO IT! And yes, if you gave already you still get stuff. Hit me up.
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