The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Also their heads are called "mantles" and that's weird

The generous and encouraging dracunculus asked for a comic incorporating herself and the octopodes that terrify her. I particularly liked this request because I have thought for a while that octopodes, like rats, would really challenge us for "dominant species" status if only they lived a little longer. Fortunately for us primates, individual rats live two or three years, and individual octopodes five years at most -- not long enough to develop a religion with our extermination as its chief aim.

If I owe you a fabulous reward for your contribution to the Send Me To Bread Loaf Fund, I will not be able to deliver it for a few days. That's because I'm leaving tomorrow for DC on my head-hunting expedition. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be dedicated to rolling out of my hostel bed, filling my body with coffee and carbs, and dashing off past the White House to the GWU library to submerge myself in the Freeman/Watts papers. Of particular interest to me are three boxes of Christmas cards, lots and lots of correspondence with cher maître Egas Moniz, Walter's unpublished autobiography (OMG OMG), and two papers: "Maternal Behavior of Lobotomized Mothers" (that one's for Declan), and "Strangulation of Penis by Finger Ring." Yes, Walter Freeman didn't just steal a guy's cock ring, he wrote a paper about it for the Urologic Society. So you can stop barking down my snorkel about that story because I am taking a five-hour bus trip to research it, among one or two other things.

Wow, when did I turn into the kind of person who does things?
Tags: animals, antónio egas moniz, james w. watts, stix, walter freeman
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