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Walter loved taking pictures, especially of his patients. The second edition of Psychosurgery by Freeman and Watts positively bristles with photographs. Here are four views of Case 128, who had a standard prefrontal lobotomy to start with and then a radical prefrontal lobotomy when that didn't take:

This case didn't have a very happy ending. "There was more lethargy and inertia following the radical operation than was apparent after the standard one. He returned to work again in November, 1943, only three months after operation, and had his first convulsion in December, 1943... We learned that on June 28, 1947, he was drowned while surf-bathing and, since the water was quite shallow, we suspect that he had a convulsion at that time." Another possibility, of course, is that Case 128 was a suicide, but they don't mention that.

Every story of lobotomy is like a series of boxes locked inside one another.
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