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The thrashing continues

Hilariously, because it's excerpted from a longer thing, the Bread Loaf people want a synopsis of my workshop manuscript. I am sending them three of the stories about Zeppo and friends -- Poor Thing (of course), Spiral Notebook, and this one. But I'm always bad at this part, the synopsis part. I always feel that unless I'm in front of you, making hand gestures, I can't really convey the full splendor of my vision. What I'd like to say (with illustrative flailing) is something like this:

"OK, so? The idea is, there are these six serial killers, or really five, and one of them is married? And they don't really like each other but it's like the Marx Brothers or the Young Ones where they're stuck with each other because they share a particular experience of reality that most people don't? And also even if you're a serial killer you still need help like moving your couch or whatever, and so I imagine like Henrey Lee Lucas saying to Jeff Dahmer, 'Hey, I need some help moving on Tuesday, and I know you won't freak out when you see what's in my bathtub.' Do you know that one Marx Brothers movie where Groucho asks Chico, 'Don't you love your brother?' (the brother is Harpo) and Chico says, 'Nah, I'm just used to him'? Anyway, there are these guys and they get together and kind of talk shop. There's the lovelorn Dahmery guy who has lots of feelings about stuff, and there's the amateur lobotomist, and the veteran who I totally cribbed from Septimus Warren Smith in Mrs. Dalloway, because I love that book, and his wife who takes care of him, and the guy who can't usually come out because he has a big family but I think he kills hitchhikers or something? and a necrophiliac I always picture as being played by Jack Black in the movie version. And they all kind of need each other, they need the community, but there's a lot of tension, just like in any group of friends, and also the amateur lobotomist decides to breed two of his victims and steal their baby, so there are some stories later about her as a sullen adolescent. I think the story might follow her and is she going to kill him or what? And is he going to do something gruesome to her? But I'm not sure. Basically I envision an As I Lay Dying kind of thing with lots of narrators and how it feels to be a flawed human being overwhelmed by the universe."

I have to reword that now so the flailing is implied. Maybe I should just say, "It's sort of a Faulkner/Woolf mashup with necrophilia" and call it a day.
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