The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

The times that try men's souls

That's supposed to be Carl Jung, not that it matters. I just needed a shrink who would have been around in the thirties to wrestle with Egas -- who by the way had always been a leftist, so it's not surprising that he would feel strongly about Portugal joining the Allies. The original Egas Moniz was a twelfth-century Portuguese patriot who helped defend the country from Muslim invaders. António started using that handle in place of his fancy-pants birth name when he was a young man cranking out leftist pamphlets, and he just kept it when he went into neurosurgery. Jack El-Hai likens this to a young American calling himself Tom Paine. Personally, if someone told me that Tom Paine was going to examine my head, I'd think some kind of Gaslight thing was going on.

Loyal readers! I have a question for you. The Bread Loaf folks want to know the names of three contemporary authors whose writing I admire and find similar to my own. Since I'm a snob who reads dead authors almost exclusively, I'm having trouble with this. The only one I'm sure of is Beryl Bainbridge, and beyond that I don't know, Stacey Richter? I'd love some suggestions.
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