The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Look, it's Walter III!

This, designed to come after "Look at This Fucking Ice Pick," features the first appearance of two Walter Jackson Freemans in one panel in my comic -- or, to be fair, probably any comic:

"Lobotomy historian" is a job description I got, like so many other things, from Jack El-Hai, who also uses it to describe David Shutts. Shutts's book is called Lobotomy: Resort to the Knife, which you have to say in a menacing tone of voice, and I am reading it now. One advantage it has over El-Hai's book is pictures, my favorite of which shows Walters II and III strolling along the Atlantic City boardwalk in 1949, the year Egas Moniz got the Nobel Prize. Both of them look pleased as punch and our Walter, naturally, is sloping slightly to the right.

Walter III (who was in the Navy, as you can see from the hat) is still very much involved in brain science, studying something called nonlinear neurodynamics that's so complicated I cannot understand the first thing about it. I understand it involves measuring the brain waves of rabbits.
Tags: antónio egas moniz, stix, walter freeman
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