The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Collaborative creation edition!

When I finally got home on Monday night, I had been away for so long that Bela displayed at me. His bubble nests had gone to rack and ruin, but as soon as I parked myself at my desk he began building new ones. I wonder why that is. Is he happier with me around to stare at? Does the sight of my tapping fingers make him think that a girl might come along any minute?

Among the people I visited on this trip were freyja and her boyfriend. They were wonderful hosts and we had a blast watching terrible horror movies and playing Apples to Apples. She and I had agreed to an art swap of which my half was, by her request, emo Freddy Krueger. I asked her for either Walter Freeman or a character from one of my stories, and when I visited her she gave me this:

It's Tancred and Tiffy from this story. Don't you just love her eye? I do.

My final stop was a visit to my sister and her newly enlarged family. When the baby bit my sister's chin -- to see if there was milk in it, I think -- Aglet (nearly five) and I collaborated on a picture of it:

He drew lots of other pictures for me, some of which I will post. He has suddenly gotten much better at drawing recognizable objects and even puts gills on his sharks now.

And though I did not visit him this time, substitute is as always the only one who understands me, fortunately for everyone else:

eyeteeth: My father mentioned last night that Gregor Mendel tampered with the results of his research to make his point and I was like HE COOKED HIS FIGURES LOL and he didn't get it.
eyeteeth: No one appreciates my geneticist humor.
substitute: it's a niche thing
eyeteeth: Maybe I can get an HBO series or something.
substitute: It's lamarck of a true intellectual.
eyeteeth: Lysenko very much!
substitute: we sure suck
eyeteeth: We really do.

Finally, one of my comics has been translated into Spanish! This is the first time any of my work has been translated into another language. I'm going viral!
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