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You know, this is getting old.

I like to Google the names of fictional characters I come up with. Since the advent of Facebook it has become difficult to invent a name that doesn't belong to a real person somewhere. Not that this bothers me, quite the opposite. I am tickled to think that there's a real-life Declan McCready, for example. I was surprised to find a Tiffy Guzman, too, but not surprised not to find a Tancred Hill. No Leon Herkimer either. (It seems that everyone named Herkimer is descended from the one guy, and there aren't many of them.) Zeppo's real name, Stephen Sepaniak, has belonged to quite a few people, including a former Mr. Junior America, though I imagine Zeppo as being rather weedier. Gas Station, whom I have not forgotten about, is named Douglas Raiber, and you'd think there'd be a ton of those, but I could find only one and he's dead.

I would play this game with the vampire novel, too, except the narrator's name is John Milton. And James used to have the last name Fallon, because I write so slowly that I came up with him as a character before Jimmy Fallon was famous. Now I want to call him something else. It should only take me another decade to come up with it.

No Google results for my nephew's name, by the way. But his sister's gets lots.
Tags: aglet, luna, rejection, self-indulgence, stix, tales of the expected, teethfamily, zeppo and friends
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