The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

The old way to work

This is part one of my entry in this contest. I did have a real job once, for six whole months right after I graduated from college. It's an experience I hope not to have to replicate.

A few more items of general interest: first, yesterday was my nephew's fifth birthday. (I don't have much to say about that because I wasn't around for it, though I will be around for Thanksgiving with him and his family and I'm excited about that.) Second, Bela's tank seems prone to algae, so I'm thinking of getting a snail. Does anyone have pertinent snail advice? Third, today I bought a fancy-pants photo printer so I can make up greeting cards and sell them to you guys. There's no better way to say, "I bought a stamp."

Finally, tinymammoth and my mother (who works in the mental health field) agree that I should do a whole series of illustrated DSM-IV criteria. Does anyone have any requests? (I'm thinking of using Walter Freeman to illustrate narcissistic personality disorder, which he wouldn't like, but I could always threaten to draw a comic not about him if he doesn't agree to help me.)
Tags: aglet, bela, pertinent snail advice, stix, walter freeman
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