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Look, it's part three of that thing of which part one is here and part two is here!

You may be thinking, Hey, Bela the Siamese fighting fish isn't a veiltail as shown here, he's a crowntail! This is true. But I find that when I draw him more realistically he comes out looking kind of like a drowning centipede, and I felt I was marginally more likely to win ten thousand dollars if I made him look more recognizably like a fish.

The strikingly gorgeous crowntail is the newest strain of Betta splendens, having first been developed in 1997. Some people believe the crowntail tends to be more aggressive than other strains, though I wouldn't know. Bela was more or less indifferent to his reflection on the one occasion that I showed him a mirror, but he seems to dislike square, dark-colored objects like my cell phone and my alarm clock. I have seen him perform his threat display at both of these things, and at a book I leaned up against his tank once. He is supposed to threaten and feel threatened by things that look like other male bettas, which my alarm clock and my cell phone do not, any more than the submersible heater he flared at and bit repeatedly for hours on end until I removed it from his tank. Of course he was bred for his good looks and not for sensible behavior. In fact, his morphology is about as different from that of a wild Betta splendens as a collie's is from a wolf's. This makes me wonder what wild B. splendens females would make of him. Would they fail to even recognize him as a member of their own species? Or would he be like a little Adonis to them, impossibly beautiful?

ETA: You can view the whole dang comic here. I think it came out rather nicely, don't you?
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