The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Erev Christmas

Krampus will kick your ass, kids. See about a billion pictures of him here. I think he makes a surprisingly good stix. As for St. Nicholas there, I know that being a saint is SRS BSNS and they don't smile, but I thought a patron of children should maybe unbend a little. Hey kids! I brought you some gold for a dowry so you don't have to become prostitutes!

A detail I like is that Nicholas threw the gold through the window (or, yes, down the chimney in some versions) because he figured the family would be less embarrassed by an anonymous act of charity.

Probably because of symbolic confusion that made his traditional three bags of gold into three human heads, Nicholas is also sometimes credited with resurrecting three children that an evil butcher had murdered and put into a barrel to sell as ham. Sometimes Krampus is further said to have been the butcher, converted to Christianity by Nicholas's miraculous resurrection of his victims. Now he is Nicholas's devoted servant, and he hurts children for good, not evil! He still looks a lot like the Devil, though. It's Christmas Manichaeism, or, if you prefer, Christmas Bogomilism.
Tags: bogomilism, christmas, krampus, st. nicholas, stix, theological quagmire
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