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That's pretty damn dramatic, you know

When I read quotes from James Watts (doesn't he look kindly?) I am always struck by the combination of resentment and defensive pride. Yeah, I was a lobotomist, and I was a DAMN GOOD lobotomist. Or maybe you can drill a hole in each side of a man's head and thread a cannula through them like a shoelace? The resentment is, I think, toward Walter. The two of them broke up professionally shortly after Walter started doing ice-pick lobotomies, which he could do the way he preferred to do everything, by himself. I think maybe Jim was upset that Walter dumped him. Or was he upset that Walter's conduct was sullying the good name of lobotomy? Jim kept doing the prefrontal procedure, sterilizing his instruments and draping his patients and wearing a mask like a good brain surgeon should, and Walter was running around stabbing people in the head on the floor of a motel room and God knows what.

I'm accumulating a nice collection of things in that corner, where the bookshelf meets the wall. Just today I stuck a poem up there in Dymo labels, just like this one, and by the same poet, too. His name is Paul Violi, and the poem is called Totem Pole:

John The Baptist
Guilhem de Cabestanh
Thomas More
The Pirate Stoertebeker
Walter Raleigh
Anne Boleyn
Charlotte Corday
Louis XVI
Charles Stuart
Jayne Mansfield
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