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Folks! This is a new card in the all-new no-longer-about-how-I-hate-Christmas Small Peculiar store! For the love of God go there and order a card! Assuming anyone does, I'm giving all the proceeds to disaster relief in Haiti!

You know me, I like to urinate on other people's revered traditions, like Christmas and Valentine's Day. In my defense, the revered traditions started it. Christmas takes up like a quarter of the year now. In any case, if you'd prefer something a little more secular, I reworked this comic (on the recommendation of karenhealey) to give you the other new card:

In case you're wondering, I don't think I will design a Walter Freeman Valentine's Day card. Dr. Christiaan Barnard might be a more appropriate subject, though maybe not, as he had this unfortunate tendency to divorce his current wife and marry a much younger one until he had a wife young enough to be his granddaughter. Gross! But not as gross as that other famous heart doctor, Alexis Carrel, a gung-ho eugenicist who thought the Nazis were really onto something with that gas-chamber idea. Why not use it on the insane? The year he posed that question, 1936, was the same year Walter and James Watts performed the very first lobotomy in America.

So the point is, love is a thing of gossamer beauty and you should buy one of my cards.
Tags: alexis carrel, christiaan barnard, give me your money, james w. watts, stix, walter freeman
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