The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Bela vs. the marble gene

Just one panel because Wednesdays are therapy days and on therapy days I am full of feelings, which can make it hard to work. The actual beautiful man I saw today was working at the art supply store, not a coffee place. It's hard to know how to ask about A9 envelopes seductively but I assure you that I tried.

Anyway, it turns out the frontal lobes are where tact lives, in those of us who have any. We regard lobotomy now with an almost universal horror, believing that it turned people into zombies or vegetables, when in fact it was far more common for the lobotomized merely to be talkative and tactless. I guess it's kind of hard to build a horror narrative around an invasive surgical procedure that makes you...socially awkward. In its way this can be horrible too, though. The daughter of one lobotomy patient said that if her mother saw people preparing for a dinner party she'd just walk right into their house and sit down at the table. Imagine being the poor kid who had to keep her mom from doing stuff like that.

Incidentally, Bela is in fact changing color: small sections of his glorious fringe are going from turquoise to, so far, a translucent white. This scared the hell out of me at first because I thought he had some kind of infection like fin rot. His resemblance to some of the pictures accompanying this article, though, make me think that he might have a hitherto unexpressed marble gene -- a kind of gene that wanders around the chromosome inserting itself into other genes and turning them on and off. The result can be a betta that changes color, sometimes over and over for its entire life. That sounds kind of cool!
Tags: beautiful crimson ventral fins, beautiful men, bela, stix, therapy
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