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Another thing that happened a couple of days ago is that a guy who once gave me the brush-off included me in a mass e-mail advertising his new consulting business. Annabel asks why I hate trying to meet people so much. I say, because it is hateful. But I keep trying: folks, you are witness to the fact that I keep trying. I'm the Chuck Wepner of getting out of the house.

The thing I neglected to mention last time is something Walter said when he visited Germany in, I believe, 1947, trying to sell the German medical establishment on lobotomy. Why, he asked, simultaneously acknowledging and dismissing psychoanalysis, if we operate on a man for an ingrown toenail, should we not operate on him for an ingrown Oedipus complex? According to Jack El-Hai this argument, such as it was, did not go over so well with the German doctors. Actually the story of Walter's trip to Germany is pretty funny, I'll tell it to you sometime when I'm not using him to make cheap jokes about my nonexistent sex life. Also I like the phrase "ingrown Oedipus complex."

In other news the creation of a decent hamantasch continues to elude me. Freud was an Austrian Jew like half of me, but I bet he never even tried to make hamantaschen.
Tags: judaism, sigmund freud, stix, walter freeman
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