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My handshake

Damn right, it's a pleasure to make my acquaintance.

Two pieces of information to go along with this stix: first, today is St. David's Day -- David of Wales, that is, not King David, who is also a saint because he is one of Jesus' ancestors. David is the patron of Wales, often depicted with a dove on his shoulder. He is also associated with the leek, though no one is sure why. Maybe it's because he was a monk in a particularly ascetic monastery and ate no meat, only bread and vegetables. (That's not what made them more than usually ascetic. They also did stuff like pull their own plows.) There's also a story about Welsh troops wearing leeks in their helmets to tell each other apart from the enemy, though it seems like an odd solution to that problem. Anyway, on March first many Welshmen and -women wear a leek on their lapels as a display of national pride. You can also wear a daffodil, but that's not nearly as cool.

David's last words to his followers are paraphrased in the Welsh saying "Gwnewch y pethau bychain mewn bywyd," or "Do the little things in life." I think that's a good motto.

Bonus Welshness: Padlockigami.

Second, I got curious about how you would say "ingrown Oedipus complex" in German, and I believe it would be eingewachsener Ödipuskomplex. For maximum historical accuracy you have to say it with a nasal Philadelphian inflection.
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