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I like drawing people with chain saws. And here I'd like to point out something very important, which is that it is chain saw, not chainsaw, the latter being, confusingly, the verb form. When you dismember hitchhikers with your chain saw, you are chainsawing them. Probably in time the noun will close up too, the way base ball and rest room did, but for now Merriam-Webster says chain saw, and what Merriam-Webster says goes.

Interestingly (to me), the 1974 original is The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, while the 2003 remake is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Speaking of chain saws and chainsawing, I freely admit that I have never read or seen American Psycho, nor do I wish to -- the stuff I think of myself is plenty bad enough, I don't need help from Bret Easton Ellis -- but I am still familiar with this scene because of a guy I worked on the college paper with who summarized much of the book for me as he was reading it (and probably as I was drinking an enormous fountain soda and trying to read an abnormal psychology textbook). I was not as familiar with rats at the time as I am now, but it still seemed like improbable behavior to me on the part of the rat in question.

And speaking of animals and madmen, everyone's favorite monkey-torturing psychologist Harry Harlow is back, and you can buy him at the Small Peculiar store! There's no better way to tell your mother that you know it could have been worse.
Tags: animals, editing, give me your money, harry harlow, i don't always talk about lobotomies, rats,, stix, words
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