The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Sturm und Drang

As the quotes indicate, I don't really think of Frankenstein as a great book, just a really persistent one. I do like some of the details, though, like this one, absurd as it is, and like Victor's description of the monster when it first wakes up and reaches toward him. He explains that he did his best to make his creature beautiful -- after all, what god wouldn't? -- but that at the same time he'd had to make the creature very large, because that made its component parts easier to work with, and so he ended up with this eight-foot-tall thing with flowing black hair and beautiful pearly teeth. Victor even says that until the moment when life infused the creature, he truly did think of it as beautiful. It's only when the poor creature shuddered and grinned and reached for his creator, ready to love him, that Victor panicked. And then the poor creature sits in a shed for weeks and weeks, filling his head with Goethe -- well, it's just no wonder that things turn out badly.

Actually, remember Case 68, my favorite lobotomy patient? Sure you do. From the time I first discovered her she has reminded me of Frankenstein's monster, alternately menacing and demanding affection from Walter Freeman. In her letters she insists repeatedly that all she is she owes to him. Her argument is the same as the creature's: You made me, now you have to love me. I doubt he saw things the same way. Surely a man isn't expected to love everyone whose neurons he severs with the edge of a Killian periosteal elevator? Interestingly, though, the Freeman-Watts papers did provide me with a picture of the two of them, both fairly elderly, in what appears to be a restaurant, and they are both smiling, so maybe that story had a happier ending than Frankenstein.
Tags: books, frankenstein, mary wollstonecraft shelley, stix, they tampered in god's domain, walter freeman
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