The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

A less morbid family stix

Stix Professor Teeth looks about as much like my father in real life as stix Eyeteeth looks like me, so I'm satisfied. We do not look much alike. He has a long gaunt face and eyes of the type described by J. D. Salinger as "Plaintive Jewish Brown." My own face is round as a rubber ball and my eyes are green. My mother informs me that when my sister and I were flaxen-haired babies our father would get odd looks as he perambulated us about the neighborhood, the passersby perhaps wondering where he had gotten us.

P.S. While we're talking about families, let me remind you that there's still time to order the Harry Harlow Mother's Day card from my store.
Tags: give me your money, harry harlow, stix, teethfamily
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