The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Insane in the Beltaine

It's single panels with crappy contrast until I can get my Mac and therefore Graphic Converter back from the shop.

Having wrangled Paint for the last hour and a half or so I am annoyed and can think of nothing else to tell you except for an anecdote about Zeppo Marx, which was told by Morrie Ryskind, who had been a writer for the Marx Brothers. Zeppo, having quit the act, had gone into theatrical representation, and Ryskind was one of his clients. There was a period of about a month during which Ryskind couldn't get in touch with him. Finally, running into him around town, Ryskind asked what was up. Zeppo was his agent; why hadn't he been returning Ryskind's calls? Because he had been undergoing psychoanalysis, Zeppo said.

Psychoanalysis? asked Ryskind. What for?

I was masturbating, said Zeppo.

Ryskind reports that he didn't really believe this excuse, but it was kind of a conversation stopper. I bet!
Tags: aglet, st. margaret, stix, teethfamily, zeppo marx
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