The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Febris amatoria

It's such a relief to have my computer back. It's also a relief to have Time Machine to put everything back the way it was, or almost everything. At first my all-in-one printer did not want to scan today's stix, and this led to a remarkable occurrence. I went to the drawer where I keep backup disks, found the correct one, and reinstalled the software that had come with the printer, and that solved the problem. I could hardly have been more astonished if I had seen a unicorn. That I was even able to find the right disk was amazing enough, but for it to actually work?

It has been a week of remarkable occurrences because yesterday a cat humped my foot and that has never happened before either. She is a little thing, a stray apparently, currently in heat here in the neighborhood of the House of Too Many Cats. I would have known she was in heat even without her trying to copulate with my shoe because when I stopped yesterday to say hello to her she was in that won't-someone-please-mount-me crouch that estrous queens do, and then, so crouched, she backed up onto my foot and wiggled around. Poor girl. I tried to take her back to the house, which has a ton of empty rooms, and she was OK until I got up to the front door, whereupon she freaked out and split. I bet I'm able to get her in the next couple of days, though, and then if nothing else I can have her fixed, thereby preventing her from producing more ferals. Though she did seem like a nice kitty, and I miss having mammalian pets...

The subject of a cat humping my foot vividly illustrates a piece of etymology I like, that of the word queen. The Old English word kwene meant "woman," and later got split into two different words, generally spelled queen and quean, though this was before standardized spelling, so that's probably more of a modern conceit. Anyway, queen was the word we know today, and quean meant "whore." As a woman, those were your two choices, I guess. I believe it is this second variant of the word, and not the regal one, that gives us queen as a word for gay men (who often get the same linguistic contempt as women); similarly, while many people think of cats as regal creatures, I think it's quean that gives us the word for the shoe-humping creature that is a breeding female cat. I'm sure there are gay men who also like to hump people's shoes but this has never happened to me personally, though tomorrow is a new day.
Tags: sex, stix, words, zomg cat
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