The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf


1) I am home from the House of Too Many Cats. Mine is the Apartment of One Fish and I think he'd be glad to have me back if he had a brain with frontal lobes that could experience something as grandiose as gladness. But he is probably more fulfilled as a predatory organism with a moving object to stare at (and to dispense freeze-dried mosquito larvae).

2) By the time I left I had not seen the little stray cat again. I would have liked to abduct her, but since I left my cell phone charger I'll have to go back and maybe I'll see her again. (Then maybe I can stuff her in a box, to which she will no doubt react with the kind of displeasure that earned Attica her name. In Attica's case the displeasure lasted about three minutes, after which she started to purr, delighted to be chowing down on dry food in a warm car with helpful apes, but we had already named her. Now the plan is to preserve the memory of her completely inappropriate name by naming all my subsequent cats after prisons. Joliet might be a nice name for a dainty little queen.)

3) Last night I dreamed a joke, something I don't recall ever having happened to me before. In the dream I was being encouraged to draw a stix version of Where's Waldo? for some reason. I decided to draw a Where's Walter? stix instead. Look, I didn't say it was a good joke.

In my dream substitute disapproved of my idea. Sure enough, this is exactly what happened when I told him about it in real life. I HAVE ESP.
Tags: attica, bela, substitute, those treasured frontal lobes, walter freeman, zomg cat
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