The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Bariatric cinema

I'll make this quick because I'd like to get to bed before dawn this time. All these films, among others, were suggested by substitute here. The gags are mine, though. Second thing: is it possible that the recent fad for zombie stuff really is about America's increasing terror of fat people? The prevailing media picture of both is of mindless eaters with no ability to control themselves, who are growing in numbers and must somehow be stopped. They look like humans but are devoid of human dignity, and if you don't remain hypervigilant you might turn into one of them.

Third thing: there is a connection, I think, between both these things and lobotomy. It's the American insistence that if you don't like who you are you can become someone else through sheer force of will. Freeman's narrative was that you could become a different person if you were willing to make certain sacrifices, and that the person you turned into would almost certainly be totally better than the one you currently were. That sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Fourth thing: after several months Bela has finally figured out how to get into the top two jars in the jar complex I made for him with pebbles and aquarium sealant. He had always ignored them before, but a couple of nights ago, to my surprise, I saw him in the penthouse jar. Then, the very next day, I saw him in the middle jar (actually a small cruet probably intended to hold salad dressing). Obviously he represents a single data point, but his appearing to figure out both jars in rapid succession like that strongly suggests to me that he is capable to some extent of learning. Of course I already knew he has a memory because of the frantic dance he does when he sees me reach for the box with the pellets in it. That "fish have no memory" thing is one of my favorite myths, along with "You should drink eight glasses of water a day." No one can ever cite a shred of evidence in support of either of these statements, but I always hear them put forth with such assurance!
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