The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Rube Luna

"Rube Luna" would be a good band name, wouldn't it?

This is a 100% true depiction of what it's like to interact with her. When upset she cries for maybe ten or twenty seconds before agreeing to go along with adult cajolery. At almost any time, even sometimes when she is in mid-fuss, the smallest smile from an adult or from her big brother will cause her to grin wildly and break into peals of laughter. And so of course we all smile at her often. When especially delighted by something she actually bounces.

In the fifty weeks since Luna was born Aglet seems to have grown very fond of her, not that he ever seemed to dislike her. Rather, he just had trouble at first in assimilating her into his worldview. Suddenly there was this baby around, and not only was she around but she was in some mysterious way a part of his life. It's not surprising that for a while he kept forgetting she was there, and there may have been some wishful thinking involved as well. I remember him looking around the room curiously and saying, "There are five people here?" And my sister, knowing immediately what he meant, replying, "That's right; Luna's a person." As I said, he didn't dislike her, he was just confused by her. After all, it's not a given that babies are people. They look more or less like people, but they're awfully small and round, and they can't talk, and they have all these weird needs, so in some ways they're more like pets. Also you've never met them before because they're so new, so how can you know what you think of them?

These days Aglet likes to roll around with with his sister on the carpet and make funny faces for her amusement. He's good at being just rough enough to be exciting, and she adores him.
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