The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Get out of my head, Freeman!

In describing my cartoons to people who have never seen them I generally say, "I can't draw but I do anyway." By which I mean, I'm no Jhonen Vasquez or Alison Bechdel but I have a certain vision that I think is worth sharing. Which means I must take it seriously and treat it as if it were real, as Emerson says we should do for men and women. Which means stop flapping your arms like an unfledged sparrow and making noises about the Freeman book, and start working on it. Does Jhonen Vasquez flap his arms like an unfledged sparrow? Actually I imagine him doing this more or less constantly. Still.

The new project is redrawing all the old Freeman comics from when I could draw even less than I can now. Check it out, this is the original version of Walter's first appearance:

And here is what I have drawn so far to replace it:

See? See? I am TAKING MYSELF SERIOUSLY. I am DOING A THING. Now I just have to BUG MY FRIEND DYLAN for tips because he is a real-live cartoonist and stuff. Like how does he get his comics printed so close to the edge of the page? Does he go to Kinko's, or is SORCERY involved?
Tags: alison bechdel, drawing, dylan edwards, jhonen vasquez, stix, takingmyselfseriously, walter freeman, whyamiflailing
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