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I just wrote my first really substantive message to the current Dr. Freeman and it was pretty harrowing. Don't say the wrong thing he'll never write back you've fooled him so far into thinking you're a grown-up but now he's going to figure it out he's really smart you know and he knows all about brains and weirdo freaks who are obsessed with his father and he's going to KNOW YOU'RE A FRAUD, HE'S GOING TO KNOW etc. I managed to hit send finally; we'll see if he has anything to say in response.

Apropos of what I wrote to him, I have been reading about the cisternal puncture or, as Walter called his method of performing it, the "jiffy spinal tap." Now, a cisternal puncture is a kind of spinal tap in which the fluid is taken from the back of your neck rather than your lumbar vertebrae, and it's something you wish to avoid even more than the regular kind, which is less risky. From what I have read in El-Hai's book Walter did them not for any compelling medical reason, like spinal deformity, but just as a means of saving time. I wanted to find out just how bad an idea this was. The answer appears to be "really pretty bad":

eyeteeth: I'm trying to read about cisternal spinal taps but I'm afraid it's going to make me all woozy like reading about gross surgical stuff sometimes does.
substitute: those make me woozy and I don't wooze often about medical.
eyeteeth: "Other serious complications result from direct puncture of brain substance."
eyeteeth: Direct puncture of brain substance: DO NOT WANT
substitute: don't be such a baby

Walter described the procedure this way: "Awfully simple if it goes right -- but simply awful if it doesn't."
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