The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf


This started with a discussion between substitute and me about equally plausible alternatives to the beliefs of the so-called "redemption movement" and the Posse Comitatus and that whole right-wing rabbit hole. I find these guys endlessly fascinating because their beliefs are basically magical beliefs, and involve the use of incantations and magical formulae, very much like alchemy, but they are entirely unaware of the fact that they're pretty much living by the rules of a Borges story -- The Lottery in Babylon, if I had to pick one. Alchemists were unclear on the distinction between magic and science and thought of themselves as magician-scientists, but the sovereign citizen guys just think they're scientists. At least alchemists could say "We don't understand why we failed to make the Philosopher's Stone this time because it's magic and magic is difficult to understand," but I don't know what sovereign citizens say to themselves when their capital-letters argument is refuted in court again, like every other capital-letters argument that has ever been presented to a judge.

As for infernal metallurgy, Milton tells us that gold occurs in Hell in great abundance -- "ribs of gold," in fact, which is one of my favorite of his phrases. His Hell has a lot of anatomical features.
Tags: i hate drawing wings, i like to say "mulciber", john milton, jorge luis borges, paradise lost, satan, stix
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