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You would go by your initials too

This is what I do in my spare time, I bug dead professors. Naturally, now I wonder if Walter ever read Lord of the Rings. He would have liked all the poetry, I bet. It's his kind of thing -- rhymey and Kiplingy and martial. That was the kind of poetry he himself wrote very badly. (My joke about that is that he liked Kiplingy poetry because Kipling had won a Nobel Prize, a joke I would have thought would be funny to precisely me, but bless her heart, tinymammoth laughed at it.)

So far I like The Two Towers. It's exciting! And Tolkien gets around to mentioning that Boromir has "long dark hair," which is in itself pretty exciting, because that's about as descriptive as he's gotten so far about anyone who isn't a gorgeous elf chick, and even with gorgeous elf chicks he's short on detail. What color is Galadriel's hair, after all? Dunno. But Boromir's is dark, by God! This is good to know for when I end up drawing him, as I recently drew Gimli:

Curse you, Caradhras! (Scale mail? Why not, seems dwarven to me. The ax should probably be more ornate, though.)

Incidentally, in case anyone was worrying about this, and on the slim chance that I'm not the last human to have read these books anyway, I will not at any point spoil anything for anyone. My father is a film nerd and I was raised strictly anti-spoiler.
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