The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Straitjacket Sweeties, a Signet book

Check out this eBay auction. Seven hundred and fifty bucks for the first edition of Freeman and Watts's Psychosurgery! I believe it's so outrageously priced because this is the book of which half the print run was destroyed when the boat shipping it was sunk by Nazis. Goddamn Nazis, inflating the cost of lobotomy textbooks!

I want to mention two things about this book as shown in the auction picture. The first is that that pretty swirly blue cover is a finger painting by a lobotomy patient. Kind of weird for a textbook, but OK. ("Sells the book, don't it?" said Watts, when questioned about the choice.) The other is dig that melodramatic copy in the box at the very top of the cover. "Read the last chapter to find out how those treasured frontal lobes, supposed to be man's most precious possession, can bring him to psychosis and suicide!" See, that's why I say Walter should have been a novelist. A pulp novelist, the kind who turned out a new paperback every month, and whose books had pictures of bad girls in tight sweaters on the covers.
Tags: books, james w. watts, those treasured frontal lobes, walter freeman
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