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Finally, orders I'd be happy to follow

Over at Small Peculiar my comment on this comic is "Another situation in which Germans would score higher than most of the rest of the world, probably." It occurred to me that I might conceivably be taken to task for this, but a) Germans really did comply with Milgram's experiment more than people of most other nationalities and b) they like drinking enough that booze is in the Deutschlandlied, though the German national anthem is no longer the whole thing but only the third stanza. And the Nazis used only the first stanza. No one seems to like the second stanza:

German women, German loyalty,
German wine and German song
Shall retain in the world
Their old beautiful chime
And inspire us to noble deeds
During all of our life.
German women, German loyalty,
German wine and German song!

Nah, I don't think much of that either. I like Bertolt Brecht's Kinderhymne, or at least this translation of it by Michael E. Geisler that I found on Wikipedia:

Grace spare not and spare no labor
Passion nor intelligence
That a decent German nation
Flourish as do other lands.
That the people give up flinching
At the crimes which we evoke
And hold out their hand in friendship
As they do to other folk
Neither over or yet under
Other peoples will we be
From the Oder to the Rhineland
From the North Sea to the Alps
And because we'll make it better
Let us guard and love our home
Love it as our dearest country
As the others love their own.

Actually, maybe all national anthems should be changed to something that conveys the general message "Let's all agree not to be assholes." And hey, speaking of that, wouldn't it be spiffy if Bradley Manning could get that speedy trial the Constitution says he's entitled to? And maybe a little less cruel and unusual punishment?

But to end this post on a happy note, if you're on Facebook why not become a fan of Small Peculiar? That's a happy note because I'm hoping to become more famous, and the prospect of becoming more famous warms my Satanic ego. You want to keep my ego warm, don't you?
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