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In which I preach to the choir

Previously in spargklingk vempires.

A bonus comic of sorts. For those of you who don't speak fifteenth-century German, this is an account of "host desecration," the alleged torture of communion wafers by Jews, who weren't, apparently, satisfied with killing Christ the first time. In this narrative the Jews buy eight wafers on the black market, stab them (they are shown to bleed), and then burn them in an oven. Two doves and two angels fly out of the oven. The Jews are found out and tortured until some of them renounce their faith and convert to Christianity. Those who don't are tortured to death with red-hot pincers; those who do are merely decapitated. Then the remainder of the Jewish community is driven out of town to the accompaniment of more torture.

This particular instance of torture, murder, and exile really happened, in 1477, but it is in no way unique. Because of allegations that they not only killed Christ that one time but were continuing to kill him in the person of communion wafers and little boys, Jews were deprived of their property and driven from their homes and tortured and murdered over and over again throughout the Middle Ages.

"The Aristocrats!"

But in unrelated news (and the news can't be unrelated enough for me, boy howdy) I got my light box today for tracing stuff. No more ridiculous kludges like the one I used to draw all those plants last week! No more tracing against the computer screen like some kind of Neanderthal who doesn't know what the glowy box is for! We're not hitchhiking anymore! We're riding!
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