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There are two new features on Small Peculiar. Each post now features a button that lets you Facebook-like that comic right from the site, and starting today each comic will have hovertext. All the cool webcomics have hovertext.

As for today's, all my life people have been telling me that I'm Not Really a Jew, but I do engage in this most Jewish of behaviors, incessantly wondering whether prominent public figures are Jews and feeling a special extra disappointment when the answer is yes for someone who has become a prominent public figure for doing something terrible or embarrassing. "Rebecca Black" is a name that could really go either way. I like to imagine she's Lewis Black's estranged daughter he never talks about. Suddenly a carload of EMBRYOS pulls up. What the fuck is this bullshit? Why is she waiting at the bus stop when her friends have a car?

Also, if anyone sees that weird miniseries about the Kennedys that's being aired next weekend, I'm putting you on lobotomy watch, which is to say on Rosemary watch. Rosemary Kennedy is hands down the most famous lobotomy patient (who actually had a lobotomy; Frances Farmer doesn't count) but everyone always seems so much more interested in Jackie's wardrobe. Aliens observing America have probably concluded that JFK was famous for being married to a woman who looked really good in pillbox hats.

I don't know much about Rosemary myself; this is one of the areas of lobotomy knowledge I have to learn more about. I don't know that Walter ever said much about her, but I do know that James Watts did in precisely one interview, in which he said that in his opinion Rosemary's problem was a mood disorder -- but of course he was a brain surgeon, not a psychiatrist, and it's convenient for him if what was wrong with Rosemary was precisely the kind of thing lobotomy was most effective in treating. It's not as if he was going to say, "Actually she was mentally retarded, but you try saying no to Joe Kennedy." Walter was the psychiatrist and I assume he diagnosed her with something, or perhaps confirmed another doctor's diagnosis, because you didn't ring up Watts and Freeman unless you were already shopping for a Dremel in the skull (yours or a first-degree relative's). Joe had her operated on while Rose was out of town, incidentally. "How was your trip, honey? I had our daughter lobotomized."
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