The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

My Little Psychiatric Disorder

You can tell I was srs bsns with this one because I gave it those shiny anime things in its eyes. I don't know what the term for those things is. I've heard them called eyeshine but as everyone knows eyeshine was already the term for the thing a cat's eyes do in the dark. Cats do that on purpose to freak you out.

It occurs to me that this is perhaps the most accurate depiction possible of dysthymia, our pal "mild depression." Of all psychiatric disorders that one sounds perhaps the most risible -- after all, people are already dismissive enough of regular depression, but mild depression? Next you'll be telling me you're being gored by a My Little Pony. Possibly that's why our founder, Emil Kraepelin, came up with a fancy Greek term to use instead. I mean possibly the risible part, not possibly the part about My Little Ponys specifically.

It's the damnedest thing about My Little Ponys, actually. For me. I was super into them when I was little, and grew out of them without the slightest residue of nostalgia being left behind. Suddenly it seems the whole Internet is obsessed with them, and I feel my old childhood delight like a phantom limb. Not that I want to go out and start collecting them again, or anything like that: but when I went to this very comprehensive page and started clicking around, the memories leaped out, and it was a curious sensation. Moondancer! I had Moondancer! And Starshine because obviously. Oh, and Glory! I remember that purple hair with the blue stripe. And Surprise, who had the balloons on her flank, and of course Baby Glory and Baby Surprise, only it always annoyed me that the babies had the same names as their mothers, so I'd look the names up in the thesaurus and choose a word with a similar meaning -- what name did I choose for Baby Surprise?...I think it might have been Wonder...

That little girl really loved those ponies. I think she'd be pleased that I'm drawing them. She'd say, "I can draw?"
Tags: dysthymia, dysthymia comix, emil kraepelin, eyes, my childhood, stix
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