The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Mysteries of the Universe

I know a guy who does this to his ferrets, so I guess it's not solely cats who are subjected to it. The real mystery is why they put up with it.

I based the cat here on a picture of Attica, but of course that's not actually Attica, it has too much ear. It could be a stripeless version of my friend Strudel, who also for some reason permitted this behavior. (I contemplated the addition of stripes but didn't trust myself to get them right. And to be truly accurate would have been more difficult than rendering a mere mackerel pattern, as in reality Strudel was so stripy that on many parts of his coat he was simply a solid black -- as if he'd gone all the way through stripy and out the other side. He did bear the noble M on his brow, however, and the stately mayor's chain around his neck, so his tabby status was unquestionable.)

I'd say more but I'm in the middle of the second read of a novel that's an unholy 637 pages long. I know the number only because Microsoft Word tells me; I can't actually count that high myself.
Tags: attica, editing, photos, stix, zomg cat
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