The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Hail holy light, offspring of Heav'n first-born

I didn't come up with this phrase, substitute did. I am pretty funny in my own right, but he has me beat all hollow for brief one-two descriptions like this that are absolutely true. I have been trying for years to get him to write a novel, just so I can have a whole bunch of them in one place. The fact that he has not yet written one is beginning to seem to me like a personal affront.

Chapter Three of my novel gets discussed in the writing workshop tomorrow, aaa aaaaaaaa
Tags: anxiety, blame substitute, desperateattemptstojustifymyexistence, john gripweed, john milton, paradise lost, stix, substitute, takingmyselfseriously, whyamiflailing, writing
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