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Excelsior is New York's state motto. To commemorate some of New York's excelsior-ness on this patriotic day I give you an excerpt from one of my outdated psych textbooks, a fascinating volume called Sex Variants that assembles scores of interviews with homosexuals and bisexuals that were conducted here in the thirties:
During the latter part of the interview and when the time of her intended departure had already passed she asked if she might telephone Ellen T. to explain that she would be a little late in getting home. Their conversation was that of animated newlyweds who were still very tender in addressing each other. Comfort and freedom from anxiety on the part of Ellen appeared to be Marvel's prime concern. At the same time Marvel indicated that she was dutiful and submissive. She explained that she and Ellen were "married" and she exhibited a plain gold wedding ring which she wore to symbolize their marriage. Marvel's seriousness about their marriage was such that she hesitated about signing herself as "Miss." After some painful reflection she remarked, "I suppose I have to put myself down as single."

Ellen and Marvel are doubtless long dead by now but I hope they stayed together and were happy.
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