The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

I should just become a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, shouldn't I?

I just spoke to Chris, a representative of the Wild Bird Fund, who quizzed me on the health of the chick and what I've been feeding -- him? her? I'm actually leaning toward him at this point, as I think the deceptive uniformity of his coloring is actually just filth. Chris agreed that "chick hopping around on a subway platform" constitutes an exception to the usual "don't pick them up and take them home" rule. I told him that the chick is healthy and seems to be progressing well so that my main concern is that he'll imprint on me and become unfit for release. Chris said that this always happens to some extent in hand-raised birds and that the worrisome thing is that I've got only one, so there's no one else around for the chick to get used to. Unfortunately, it being smack in the middle of baby bird season, the Wild Bird Fund is full up and he's been told not to accept any more birds. So, uh, could I come in and talk to them and have them take a look at the chick and then go home with another chick or two and raise them all together?

Why yes, yes I can!
Tags: animals, urban wildlife
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