The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Wyvern, Sportscreme?

Adventures in clip art! Adventures also in less empty space in the panels than usual. When I look at a comic like this one, from a mere two years ago, I cringe. That's why I just redrew that bit for the book. I also drew Italy, because an Italian invented transorbital lobotomy, and now I can't help but imagine Amarro Fiamberti as the character Italy from the anime Hetalia: "Germany! Germany! I'm in North Africa right now and I can't tie my shoelaces!" (A funny thing about lobotomy, how the Axis powers responded to it. An Italian invented the transorbital procedure, though I'm not sure how popular any form of lobotomy ever was there -- but the Japanese loved it, and the Germans wouldn't touch it. More than anything, though, it was American, and I'm sure Walter thought he was extending an olive branch when he demonstrated it to the Germans in 1947. No hard feelings, and here's something you can do with all those soldiers who haven't gotten over having their ärsche handed to them by our boys. I imagine he was rather hurt when they told him they thought lobotomy would put them in violation of the Nuremberg Treaty.)

As for wyverns (more sentences should begin that way) I have liked them ever since I first encountered them in a book about heraldry when I was perhaps thirteen, when I thought they were pronounced WIV-erns. (I never have gotten quite used to the correct pronunciation, which is WHY-verns.) They are dragons, which makes them cool, but they have only two legs, which makes them both sleeker and more silly than the usual four-legged type. I like my men like I like my dragons: pretty and ridiculous.
Tags: amarro fiamberti, heraldry, stix, walter freeman
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