The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Red velvet wyverns

I am, as you may already have noticed, a bit of a magical thinker. I am constantly on the lookout for omens. I am perfectly aware, with my rational forebrain, that there are no such things as omens, but I am also aware that I need narrative and that there's no harm in looking for it as long as I don't go splitting open doves or anything of that kind. Today I saw two wyverns: one as an image on the side of a moving van, oddly enough, and one made of cast iron in the window of an antique shop -- and how I wish I had twelve hundred dollars I was required to spend on something completely frivolous, for I would buy it in a heartbeat. I know the price because it was written on the tag that misidentified the wyvern as a griffin. I pointed this out to one of the people working in the store, who seemed interested. What was the difference between a wyvern and a griffin? Because this particular wyvern had a beak, I told him that the main one was that griffins have four legs while wyverns have two. Now that I think about it griffins also have eagle wings, don't they? Wyverns are dragons and have dragon wings.

Two wyverns in one day was definitely a good omen. I decided that if the coffee shop had, as it does not always have, the red velvet cake that this too would count as a good omen. And it did, and it was, and I ate it. Delicious prefiguration!
Tags: heraldry, mislabeled wyvern, mythology, stix, those treasured frontal lobes, walter freeman
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