The Sorrows of Young Werewolf (eyeteeth) wrote,
The Sorrows of Young Werewolf

Enemy of fun: holiday edition

I don't like Halloween. I wasn't crazy about it when I was a kid, but at least then I got candy. Now people my age are expected to dress up too, and no candy. I kind of don't understand this. It's another example of the hard kernel of no-fun in me. Which seems contradictory, doesn't it? Because I'm funny and, I'm told, fun to be around. But I'm not lighthearted; I'm not capricious; I make my bed every day and I don't have a TV and I talk about lobotomy in paragraphs. This all suits me down to the ground, but compared to other people my age I sometimes feel like the dourest person in the world. There is some cognitive dissonance here. I like myself, and I like the way I live, and I have good friends, but I wish it were easier to find other people like me. Solemn funny Thurberish types to have long conversations with. Ideally, solemn funny Thurberish types whom I could kiss as well as talk to. They must exist, mustn't they? I can't be as singular as I feel. The problem is that they're all probably sitting alone at cafés, scowling at notebooks, just like me, and so we always miss one another entirely.
Tags: dour people need love too, enemy of fun, james thurber, stix
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